About Us

Learn more about Lavida company, our mission, vision and strategy.

Our Mission

is to provide the highest quality of services in the field of pharmaceutical marketing & distribution and to supply quality products that save and improve the lives of our customers. We also strive to be recognized as an appealing workplace that attracts skilled people who live by our values and believe in our strategy.​

Our Vision

is to set the standards of excellence and be leaders in the field of marketing & distribution of pharmaceuticals and paramedical in the middle east.​

Medicare Strategy​

Supporting the generations of the future while solving the challenges of the present by delivering value-added work that carefully integrates business needs, client perspective, and community well-being.​​

Our story

LAVIDA SB is an pharmaceutical company and commercial agency. is the headquarter office of LAVIDA, a privately-owned medical in Erbil, Kurdistan and in Baghdad the second branch, with primary services in the commercialization and marketing of pharmaceutical products, para-pharmaceutical products and medical supplies and devices.

Its current focus is on the market of IRAQ in generally, including the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

LAVIDA’s product diversification, its broad market coverage according to the global quality controls, and its reputation for dedication, commitment, and quality services have given it a strong foothold in the healthcare markets of Iraq and Kurdistan.