Lavida Company Structure

LAVIDA has its headquarters, branches, and representative’s bureaus & offices throughout the whole Iraqi Governorates:

Is located in Erbil city at Dream City.

Erbil Branch

Is the central branch of the northern area management, one of the main branches of LAVIDA, operating independently within the headquarters building It covers the operations and activities of the whole Kurdish region, i.e. Erbil, Duhok, and Sulaimaniyah, Districts, and villages belonging to each district to ensure access to the most distant point of service for the patient وbesides mutual deals of Kerkuk center in co-operation with Baghdad’s branch.

Baghdad Branch

Is the central branch of the middle area and the southern region management. Co-operating with the other areas of LAVIDA in the storage, distributing, and selling of the pharmaceutical products and services.

The branch is located at Al Mansour behind the AlSaa restaurant.

Erbil Store

having the best professional experts, air conditioning equipment and systems to manage and keep the products properly According to international contexts and regulations for the preservation of medicines

Baghdad Store

Is located at the same building of Baghdad branch for the reason of better controls and management. It has the best experts, air conditioning, equipment’s and systems to keep and mange the products properly.

We plan to open Basra branch, to manage the southern region more precisely.